AidTech is 2D sci-fi action adventure with focus on the story. Main elements of this game are your decisions - with them you influence the game. So your decisions will matter. You use teleportation, laser weapons and energetic shields to your advantage. You will come through research complexes, space ships, and remains of civilization scattered in the universe to save what is most important for you. Read more about AidTech

Story – showcase

The Earth, as we know it, has ended. People couldn’t stay on their planet any longer. Continents were drowned under the sea level because of constant global warming. Overpopulation started to be serious problem and it just accelerated use of resources, which mankind couldn’t replace. There were just 2 possibilities: escape or adapt. Most of the people chose to escape, because living on the planet was no longer easy.

The Earth is mostly deserted in 2232. Equator is absorbed by torturing heat and expansion of deserts. There are left few settlements in the north and company AidTechnology – last refuge on the Earth, which helps survivors with their remaining funds and technologies. Corporation acquired big response in new interplanetary world with their innovations. On their help are addicted thousands of people, because their implants and mechanical improvements can hold already devastated population.

And Benjamin Patton works on this place as researcher and Aid Tech scientist. He lives his calm life with his wife Catherine in recluse and isolated society with scientists, engineers, guards, managers and researchers. This calmness doesn’t last forever. One day, Ben’s life will turn upside down. Company finds itself under terrorist attack from the outside. In all that chaos and panic, Ben’s wife Catherine goes missing without a trace.

If Benjamin really wants to reveal the truth and find his wife, he must follow the leads into, for him yet unknown, space – the new world, in which old habits and laws are no longer valid. Is he able to overcome these conditions? It depends on his skills and wit. He will experience far-reaching journeys in the outer space, cruel reality in unknown city battered by rain and war, or arid plains, where he can’t hide from danger so easily. Behind all that hardships is hidden the truth, which will change him for good.