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Razer DeathAdder 2013 review

I used Razer Copperhead before Razer DeathAdder 2013. It standed for 6 years and its weakness was wheel and double clicking issue. I was satisfied with all Razer mouses and that’s why I bought Razer again.

Razer DeathAdder comes only in one color, and that is green. It was such a disappointed to me, because I was used to choose between 3 colors. But green is nice, so what. Mouse is little bit bigger, than todays standart, so it is for bigger hands. It is anatomically shaped, so transition to this mouse was no problem. Flashing logo and shining wheel is a standart. Mouse looks somehow plastic, but fortunately not for touching. It is made from mate plastic, which is good for cleaning, your hand is not sweating. There are 2 buttons on left side at disposal. There are rubber strips on both sides of the mouse, with which you hold the mouse – it is nice holding. Buttons of the mouse are connected with body of the mouse. There can be a problem in the future with detritions of plastic. But if this mouse will last for 3 years, it is a good choice and not waste of money. Not even the mouse is ergonomic, but  it’s very accurate. It contains 4 generation optical sensor, resolution up to 6400 DPI (can this someone use?) and declared response 1ms. Cable is coated by fabric, which is nice and it increase resistance of cable. Connector is gilded. All setup is in Razer Synapse. This program allow to setup every aspect of mouse and saving your preferences, but is slow, slowing the pc at the start and it is updating every week. On top of that, you can’t setup your mouse without this software, and you must register!

Its use is as gaming or office mouse. It is very comfortable, so even after whole day job, it won’t hurt your hand. Price is about 80 dollars. I recommend It to all, who work on computer or just spend a lot of time on it.

What do you think about this mouse? Is the price affordable? Write in the comment section below!