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Animations with Spine

Finally we bought program called Spine. Because our hand drawn animations took long time and they look little choppy, we have decided to buy Spine.

Spine is software for 2D animation. You setup your skeleton over character. Then you must chop all the sprites for parts of body (head,body,legs,arms). Then you can easily move with body parts.

After setup, animating is really fast, 3 basic animations in 20 minutes (and we were learning)! Animations are made really quickly, you can animate only bones you want, workflow is really good.

The awesome thing about Spine is that you can make multiple skins for your skeleton. So, your skeleton can animate multiple characters – you need to make animations only one, and all the characters have same animations.

Now lets see how our animations look like after reworking them to Spine.

walk animation new

Better huh? With Spine, you can create tons of animations quickly for all your characters.

And now the best part. Exporting your animations. You can export to GIF, PNG sequences and PNG atlases. However the best thing is to use Spine runtimes. You can export it for Unity 3D! With that you can get smoothing for your animation to fps which is in game, and you can move character bones in game (looking at object).

Check out Spine on

Essential license is just for 60 bucks!