AidTech is 2D sci-fi action adventure with focus on the story. Main elements of this game are your decisions - with them you influence the game. So your decisions will matter. You use teleportation, laser weapons and energetic shields to your advantage. You will come through research complexes, space ships, and remains of civilization scattered in the universe to save what is most important for you. Read more about AidTech

About game

What is AidTech?

Aidtech is an 2D sci-fi action adventure, which take place on planet Earth and known space in 2232.

Game story

Life on Earth as we know it ended. Your name is Benjamin Patton. You operate with your wife Catherine in one of the last preserved company Aid Technology, as researcher and scientist. Relatively calm routine in isolation is suddenly disrupted by unknown attack from the outside. Catherine goes missing that fateful day and it’s up to Ben, to take a journey across an unknown space to take her back.Will he succeed? That is up to you.

Game mechanics

dialog GUIBenjamin is just an ordinary human, who could not survive easily in this new, dangerous world. Luckily, he will have a range of improvements, equipment and his wit at disposal.
There will be enough of melee and firearm weapons in the game, which he can use. Unfortunately, Benjamin doesn’t have infinite inventory, so it is necessary to consider your weapon choice.
Mankind progressed a few steps forward in development, so Benjamin is able to take a number of enhancements for his body. Do you choose a path of unstable technology, or unknown mutation? Do you sacrifice your humanity for your goal? The choice is, again, up to you.
Not just dialogs, but also the choice of equipment and enhancements fundamentally affects your game progress.



Influencing the game and karma system

Dialogs are an essential part of the game. Our hero will meet with many

varied individuals, whose don’t always help him. How will you act in this unpredictable situations is your choice. Do you sacrifice happiness of someone else to ease your journey? Are you ready to kill for it? The world will remember your actions. Karma shows characters reputation. It doesn’t matter, what were your motives. If you do good/bad things, you have to

accept consequences. And murder is always bad thing…


standing main character

About us

We are the three-member indie development team from Brno (Czech Republic). Our goal is to develop meaningful and fun games. We’re enjoying our work on our game. It fills us, so we give it all our free time as we possibly can. Game AidTech is a reaction to the poor quality, easy and pointless games, which occurred recently. We are gamers too, so we know, what other gamers expect from games. We do it especially for you, and gamer’s community.

Do you like our idea? Do you have some ideas or proposals? Is there something you don’t like? Then don’t be afraid to write a comment or post on forum! Tell your friends about this game. It will help us a lot.